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MOAS 2011

Spring 2011

MOAS TeamA select group of students representing the Texas State University-San Marcos MOAS team, traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the National gathering of MOAS students.

There were a few highly notable instances from WMOAS that highlight the progress we have achieved as an organization. First, upon entering committee it was clear that the reputation of Texas State competitors had preceded them. The prowess in debate previously demonstrated by Texas State competitors produced a calculated respect and competitive awareness from fellow competitors. Adding to this, chairing one of the five committees (Administrative and Budgetary Affairs) was Casandra Johnson. In my estimation, she was far and away the most effective of the Chairs at WMOAS, adding to Texas State’s reputation. Also, as a result of our growing competitive acumen, one of the most exciting rounds of debate occurred, especially centering around two Texas State competitors (Nickolas Spencer and Justin Gonzalez). In a ‘you-had-to-be-there’ moment, the two, using their knowledge of parliamentary procedure and diplomatic tact, were able to narrowly stave-off a rehearsed scheme to table their resolution; they were then, despite initial opposition, able to pass their resolution almost unanimously.

Students were also afforded the opportunity to debate a resolution in the Hall of Americas at the OAS Headquarters - two blocks away from the White House - an experience which will never be forgotten. In the same vein, our students were able to use their free time for some of the amazing educational opportunities Washington, D.C. provides. As such, while in Washington, our students were able to visit the Peruvian Embassy and receive an in-depth briefing from Pedro Bravo, Head of the Political Department at the Peruvian Embassy. This mission trip proved to be an invaluable learning experience for our students.

Finally, our participation reinforces and builds upon what the students learned in the Fall semester. With a competition under their belt, the students’ preparation for Washington was more focused and productive. These students have, in many ways, become experts and true leaders. Overall, I think the experience was a very positive one and a definite success.

Team members:

Sarah Cryar, Francesca Di Troia, Myles Duelm, Mason Ellis, Laura Garza, Justin Gonzalez, Samuel Hillhouse, Casandra Johnson, Julie Mercer, Reghann Nail, Juliana Salcedo and Nickolas Spencer