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MOAS 2007

Texas State University—San Marcos

Model Organization of American States 2007



The Department of Political Science is extremely proud of the 24 students who represented Texas State University-San Marcos at the 11th Model Organization of American States (MOAS) competition on November 2-3, 2007 at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. The MOAS is a credited academic course through which students learn how the Organization of American States (OAS) operates. Students study procedures for parliamentary debate and caucusing, learn how to function in groups of countries that share common interests, and learn how the committees that report to the general assembly operate. Students also study the economic, social, educational, political, and security issues facing the Americas today.

Texas State University-San Marcos is proud to announce that Rick Zuniga was named Outstanding Delagate (1st Place in his section), Brazos Mason and Sein Leon were named Distinguished Delegates (2nd Place in their section) and that Team Nicaragua was named Distinguished Delegates (2nd Place Overall).
Students participating in the MOAS come together for a “crash course” in international policy making. The goal of the MOAS is to bring attention to the OAS and how it functions, including the constraints that member states face as they attempt to influence policy. The MOAS allows students to gain a broader understanding of the nature of the relationship between the member states and the challenges of diplomacy they face. This year, a team of 8 students traveled with their professor to Monterrey, Mexico to participate in a workshop in preparation for the competition.
Three teams represent Texas State University-San Marcos during competition. Their participation in this event is been made possible through the generosity of the Texas State Parents Association, The College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Political Science. These teams, led by Professor Ben Arnold, participate as delegates from the countries of Trinidad, Panama and Nicaragua. 


Trinidad Team




Trinidad & Tobago
Alex Truck - head delegate
Colton Dutton
Amanda Knapp
Dalyce Hooper
Jason Ozment
Alex Fernandez
Javier Reyes
Maira Garcia

Panama Team
Ryan Clay - head delegate
Garrett Bramlett
Alex Scharton
Heidi Kluber
Melanie Aranda
Joshua Godines
Eric Ketteman

Nicaragua Team
Rick Zuniga - head delegate
Rick Gonzalez
Mike Icenhauer
Lisa Gentry
Jonathan Alorda
Sein Leon
Brazos Mason
Fernando Wild