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MOAS 2014

From November 13th – 15th, our MOAS program sent students to participate in the Eugene Scassa MOAS (ESMOAS) competition in Waco, Texas at Baylor University.  In the competition, our Texas State students exemplarily represented the nations of Peru and Venezuela.  In terms of honors and awards, our program has seen a steady and marked improvement in recent years.  This year’s competition was no different, as Texas State students ruled the awards stage.   Highlighting these awards, Domonique Gray-Berroa won Outstanding Ambassador (1st Place Overall) and was voted by his fellow competitors as President of next year’s ESMOAS.  The following is a complete list of the many awards and honors our students received during this Fall’s competition:

Rachel Carrell.  Selected as Rapporteur. Secretariat for Administration and Finance.    

Josh Keesee.  Selected as Chair.  Secretariat for Administration and Finance. 

Melissa Aylward.  Selected to the Student Advisory Committee.

Victoria Kadous, Emily Hinze, Hailee Harris, and Alex Gamez.  Co-Best Committee.  Secretariat for Political for Political Affairs.

Ashton Thomas, Melissa Aylward, and, Luther Nuncio. Co-Best Committee.  Executive Secretariat for Integral Development.

Marissa Roman.  Distinguished Resolution (2nd Place in Committee).  General Committee.

Melissa Aylward.  Distinguished Delegate (2nd Place in Committee).  Executive Secretariat for Integral Development.

Tara Dees.  Distinguished Delegate (2nd Place in Committee).  General Committee.

Team Venezuela.  Distinguished Position Paper (2nd Place Overall).  Written by Rachel Carrell and Tara Dees.

Dominique Gray-Berroa.  Outstanding Ambassador. (1st Place Overall).

Domonique Gray-Berroa.  Voted as Co-President for the 2015 ESMOAS.

ESMOAS has also recently instituted a program to bring back former students to help serve as judges and advisors for the competition.  Because we have been so successful in the past, several of our former students have been selected to serve in these roles, including, Rasha Abu-Zeyadeh, Meghan Ferguson, Cheyenne Krause, Megan Parrish, Javier Reyes, and Sama Sayej.

In addition to the exciting developments this Fall, our MOAS program will sent students to participate in the Washington, D.C. Model Organization of American States (WMOAS) from March 30th – April 3rd.  Representing the Republic of Panama, the students that participated in the WMOAS are: Melissa Aylward, Tara Dees, Domonique Gray Berroa, Emily Hinze, Victoria Kadous, Josh Keesee, Nick Pappas, Megan Priebe, Marissa Roman, Gabe Schmidt, Lauren Stotler, and Ashton Thomas.  At the WMOAS, Domonique Gray-Berroa acted as Vice-Chair of the Model.  Also, we are happy to report that Marissa Roman was elected as Secretary General of next year’s WMOAS.

Finally, I am happy to announce that the students that went to the WMOAS have agreed to help produce an educational video to be used for reference by future students.  This video will highlight the use of parliamentary procedure and how a resolution is debated in our model competitions.

My students and I would like to thank the Department of Political Science and the College of Liberal Arts for their on-going and generous support of the MOAS program.  We would also especially like to acknowledge the Student Service Fee Advisory Committee for the one-time funding of $6,000 for FY ‘15.  The support we have received has helped to significantly reduce the cost of the trip for the students.  Without this type of support, we would not have been able to undertake this amazing learning experience!