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MOAS 2018

From November 1st – 3rd, the Department of Political Science hosted the 22nd Annual Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of American States (ESMOAS) Summit of the Americas competition and conference. The event brought some 225 students and faculty members to campus from across the southwestern United States and northern Mexico for a competition simulating meetings of the Organization of American States, an academic conference on Inter-American Relations, and a model Inter-American Court of Human Rights competition. A dozen schools participated including Baylor, St. Mary’s, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, and The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).      

Paula Bertol


Bertol with Faculty


The keynote address was delivered by Paula Bertol, Argentina’s ambassador to the Organization of American States on Saturday evening November 3rd. The keynote address was preceded by welcoming remarks from Dr, Mary Brennan, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

Professor Ben Arnold, Kamela Syed, an instructional assistant in the department, and Lindsey Bentley, an alumna of ESMOAS and the department coordinated the Texas State end of the conference. “We would like to thank the Department of Political Science, and the College of Liberal Arts for their generous support of our MOAS and MUN programs. Without this support, our students would not be able to experience this amazing event” Prof. Arnold said.

Elections at ESMOAS Students discussing strategy

Senior Laurie Parkhurst observed that "the value of the ESMOAS is in the experience of learning how to navigate the rules of parliamentary procedure. It is one thing to read about or to watch a debate, but through the act of participating you end up with a more intimate knowledge of diplomacy." Trevor Graves, a junior, noted the importance of teamwork at ESMOAS: “Every step that was taken by my group in this class required my whole team to work together as a group towards a better understanding of the country that we represented. To succeed, you need to learn how to work with others.” He also pointed out his that his role as President of Costa Rica at the competition allowed him to hone his as “a mediator and negotiator."  

Texas State students excelled at this year’s Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of American States (ESMOAS) competition! Representing the nations of Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Belize the 23 member Texas State delegation won numerous awards. Highlighting these awards, Ethan Strickland won Outstanding Ambassador (1st Place Overall for an individual award).

Students at ESMOAS General Council


The complete list of the awards and honors our received by Texas State students is as follows:

  • Christian Sears
    • Selected as Parliamentarian for the 22nd Annual ESMOAS
  • Brandon Milligan
    • Selected as Chair, Executive Secretariat for Integral Development for the 22nd Annual ESMOAS
  • Trevor Graves
    • Selected as Chair, Executive Secretariat for Integral Development for the 23rd Annual ESMOAS
  • Michael Williams
    • Selected to the Student Advisory Committee
  • John Espinosa
    • Distinguished Resolution (2nd Place in Committee), General Committee
  • Ethan Strickland
    • Outstanding Crisis Speech (1st Place in Committee), General Committee
  • Ethan Strickland
    • Outstanding Ambassador (1st Place Overall)


The members of Texas state’s delegation were as follows:

Eunice Arcos
Steven Aubuchon
Denate Dowdell
John Espinosa
Desiree Franks
Trevor Graves 
Janeth Hernandez
Kaylie Hildago
Ralph Kelly
Lucy Lynch
Ryen Maulsby
Trey McCausey
Fernando Mendoza
Jesse Ortega
Laurel Parkhurst
Haley Schmidt

Christian Sears
Lucy Stanley
Zoe Steiner
Ethan Strickland
Catherine Wicker
Michael Williams