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Bill DeSoto

Dr. BalanoffOffice:  UAC 366
Phone:  512.245.3279

Curriculum Vitae

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Dr. William DeSoto is currently an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, with a B.A, M.A., and Ph.D. in Political Science, he has been with Texas State since 1990 and teaches a number of Undergraduate and Graduate level courses. Dr. DeSoto was a 2005 Fulbright Scholar, Lecturing at Slovak Agriculture University, and named “Favorite Professor” in 2002 by the Black Student Association and by the Alpha Chi National Honor Society.  In 2002 he was also named Faculty Member of the Year. In his free time, Dr. DeSoto is active in assorted civics organizations and clubs in the San Marcos area.


POSI 2310 (GOVT 2301) Principles of American Government
A survey of the principles of political science, of the American system of government, and of the origins and development of the constitutions of the United States and Texas.

POSI 2320 (GOVT 2302) Functions of American Government
A study of functions performed in the American system of government, both national and state, with special reference to Texas.

PS 3332 Political Parties and Party Politics
The American political system, including its history and organization, suffrage, nominations and elections, campaigns, and the related areas of public opinion and pressure group activities.

PS 3316 Metropolitan Politics
An examination of the political institutions and processes of urban and suburban America, including such topics as urban sprawl, reform movements, ethnic politics, and city-county consolidation.

PS 4323 Minority Politics
This course examines and analyzes the political participation of American minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, women, and other minorities) in the American political system and the impact of various public policies on minority groups. The course will emphasize the following topics: electoral participation; public policy participation, representation and implementation; protest politics; and political behavior. Some reference will be to Texas and the Southwest.

PS 3326 Issues and Interest Groups: Power and Pressure in America
An examination of selected issues at the state and national level and the interest groups which attempt to influence governmental decisions about them. The goal of the course is to promote a better understanding of the process of government and an informed opinion on the question, “Is there a Public Interest?”

PS 4399 Senior Seminar in Political Science
Seminar devoted to intensive reading, research, writing, and discussion focusing on different sub-fields in the discipline taught by appropriate faculty. Students in consultation with faculty in their area of interest should select a particular sub-field seminar in accordance with their needs and professional objectives.

PA 5350 Public Policy Processes

This course is an overview of the process of public policy-making including policy formulation and implementation. Emphasis is placed on actors in the policy process and on the political environment.

PA 5351 Problems in American Public Policy
This course presents basic components of transportation policy and planning. In addition to building an understanding of the historic foundation of transportation policy, students explore the underlying concepts related to congestion management, transit and active transportation planning, and impacts on land use and sustainability.