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David Smith

smith Office: UAC 330
 Phone: 512.245.6899

 B.A. University of Oklahoma
 J.D., University of Texas at Austin

 Curriculum Vitae

 Lecturer, Department of Political Science


David Allan Smith is a full-time lecturer in the Political Science Department, and a member of the Graduate College Faculty. He primarily teaches graduate level law courses in the Legal Studies Program, as well as select undergraduate courses. He has previously taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Business.

His primary areas of interest and research are social justice issues, evidentiary issues related to proof of kinship, and selected microhistorical topics from broader American legal history.

He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law in 1976, and his Bachelor of Arts in Letters from the University of Oklahoma in 1973.  He is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, and is admitted to practice in various federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  His legal career has been spent in both private practice and government service, including working as an attorney in the Washington State House of Representatives, and serving as the City Attorney of Austin, Texas, for seven years.


Courses Taught

POSI 4302 Legal Theories and Research

This course examines the American Legal System at both the state and federal levels involving civil and criminal procedure. Emphasis is on the process of these systems and the framework within which disputes are resolved. Students will become familiar with legal research methods to better understand the composition of legal options.

PA 3340 Administrative Law

Course stresses the legal principles and practical doctrines involved in the work of administrative tribunals vested with quasi-legislative or quasi-judicial powers or both. Primary focus on development, practice, and procedures of federal administrative agencies.

LS 5310 Introduction to Paralegal Profession and Law Office Technology

This course provides an introduction to the paralegal profession and law office technology, including the history of and current issues facing the profession, paralegal associations, paralegal regulation and certification options, paralegal ethics, and the skills necessary to become an effective paralegal, with an emphasis placed on legal technology.

LS 5330 Legal Theories and Analysis

This course is a study of statutory and case law development of basic legal theory including tort theory, contract theory, and evidence theory. This course is intended to assist students in gaining knowledge of fundamental legal theory, reasoning, and analysis.

LS 5340 Litigation

This course is a study of statutory and case law relating to civil procedure in order to develop an understanding of litigation.

LS 5349 Business Organizations

This course is a study of the federal and Texas law relating to corporations with particular emphasis on the preparation of initial and amended articles of incorporation, satisfaction of state filing requirements, the drafting of employment agreements, and other activities necessary to the maintenance, merger, and the closing of corporations.

LS 5351 Estates and Trusts

This course is the study of Texas laws relating to estates and trusts with emphasis on the preparation of documents regarding the administration of estates.

LS 5360 Advanced Litigation

This course is a study of the use of the American legal system to resolve disputes between individuals and entities. Emphasis is on trial advocacy planning, analysis, preparation, and strategy. Students develop skills necessary to understand and to participate as an advocate in the trial process.