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Dr. Susan Johnson

Dr. Susan Johnson
Adjunct Lecturer, Political Science


M.A. University of Texas, Austin
PhD. Jackson State University


POSI 2310 (GOVT 2301) Principles of American Government
A survey of the principles of political science,of the American system of government, and of the origins and development of the constitutions of the United States and Texas.

POSI 2320 (GOVT 2302) Functions of American Government
A study of functions performed in the American system of government, both national and state, with special reference to Texas.

PS 3327  The American Founding
An examination of the origins, nature, and foundations of the American Constitutional system with special emphasis on the Federalist/Anti-Federalist debates and the writing of the Constitution.

PS 4399 Senior Seminar
A seminar devoted to intensive reading, research, writing, and discussion which focuses on different sub-fields in the discipline of Political Science.