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Graduate Programs

The Department of Political Science at Texas State University offers three Master's degrees and three certifications for our graduate students. Students have the opportunity for a close intellectual exchange with our large, full-time departmental faculty. Texas State is a depository for federal and state government documents as well as a member of CORAL (Council for Research and Academic Libraries).

As a liberal arts discipline, the department is dedicated to developing analytical skills and promoting critical thinking. Students are encouraged to reflect not simply on career goals, but also on what type of person they wish to become, and on the rights and duties of citizens. The department offers students the opportunity to earn up to six credit hours in an internship program in which students gain practical experience by working for various federal, state, local or non-profit community agencies.

Political science prepares students for careers in various fields, not only in government, law, and education but also in business, journalism, urban planning, and many fields on which public policies have a significant effect.