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Discourse in Democracy

Discourse in Democracy is a series of events designed to engage undergraduate students in political and philosophical debate about today’s most important issues.  Discourse in Democracy provides opportunities for students to become more deeply involved in their Texas State community by offering lectures and seminars by keynote speakers, chances to collaborate with professors, other students, and prominent professionals in the field at the federal, state, and local levels.  We will tackle issues that matter most to students, and you can be a part of the solution by participating in our lecture series.  The Department of Political Science invites all students to join in the discussion as we work to understand and solve our country’s greatest challenges. 

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Recent Events in Discourse in Democracy

Spring 2018 Political Science Film Series

The Most Dangerous Man in America Film Poster

Over 200 students attended the department’s spring installment of the Political Science Film Series in the Alkek Teaching Theater auditorium on Wednesday March 21st.  The event showcased the 2009 Academy Award nominated documentary, “The Most Dangerous Man in America:  Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.”  The documentary examined Daniel Ellsberg’s role in collecting information on the progress of the Vietnam War, the smuggling of secret documents from the Rand Corporation and the long protracted federal trials that not only put him in peril, but became a symbol for freedom of the press in America.

Discourse in Democracy Hosts Dr. Tonya Golash-Boza

Dr. Tonya Golash-Boza

On Thursday, March 1st, Discourse in Democracy hosted a talk by Dr. Tonya Golash-Boza of the University of California-Merced. More than 70 students attended her lecture on “Mass Deportation and Incarceration” which explores the role of corporate profits, economic recession, politicization of race and gender, and fears of terrorism in facilitating the recent trend of mass deportation. The talk was sponsored by the Department of Political Science’s Discourse in Democracy Project, the University Lectures Committee, and the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies.

Discourse in Democracy Hosts Dr. Stephen Wasby

Dr. Stephen L. Wasby

On February 22nd and 23rd, 2018, Discourse in Democracy hosted Dr. Stephen L. Wasby (SUNY-Albany). More than 100 students attended Dr. Wasby’s lecture on “The Presidency and the Law” which focused on the period from Johnson Administration to the present.  He also conducted seminars for undergraduate and graduate students on “Group-based Litigation" and "The U. S. Courts of Appeals," and ran a workshop with Dr. Pat Shields on publishing in academic journals.